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The digital transformation of the second oldest bank in the world.

Research, co-creation & visual design
Backbase @ Amsterdam / NL

How to create a modern digital platform inside a traditional institution?

Backbase (my employer on this project) offers the market a white label product, which the customer can customize according to his strategy. The construction of this strategy is part of the consultancy offered to customers when implementing the product.

Berenberg is an investment bank. Its initial customers must have invested at least 3 million Euros, this being the second oldest institution still in operation in the world. This prestige and tradition then bring a great legacy to their digital services.

Our challenge was to connect the product offered by Backbase to the bank's needs, drawing together with it the needs of the customer and the market, in addition to selling the concept within the company to senior management, as it was a historic milestone for the company.


Unlike a consultancy that produces everything from scratch, Backbase has its product with specific features, seeking the best market practices and applying this in the most different niches.

To have a more transparent strategy, our process used the Value Proposition Canvas as a base, changing its end to the solutions already offered by Backbase. Thus we map the users' pains and needs.

Therefore, our MVP would have great agility and would directly address the needs of users from interviews and surveys.


After interviews and workshops with clients and the Berenberg team, we started the mapping study of the current functionalities, discussing which strategies to start the visual project.

Within this process, we deal with security and integration with other services, in addition to working with customers' points of contact with the digital services. This mapping helped to understand where we should focus our efforts and trace the same holistic communication.

screen flow example ↗

Wealth Management Portal - Web

Wealth Management Portal - Mobile

Numbers on this project


Days of project. From inception to final products.


Platforms. Web desktop, Android and iOS.


flights to Hamburg face-to-face with clients, otherwise all remote.